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Lifecycle Marketing

Retention Marketing in 4 Steps

Retention marketing is the definition of all the marketing efforts you engage in to keep your already purchased customers in hand. Retention marketing is an important part of digital marketing since it has a high conversion rate and retention is cheaper and requires less effort than finding new customers.

One other feature of retention marketing that makes it worth your attention is the fact that it doesn’t just keep your old customers but helps you to gain new ones through word of the mouth. If you keep your old customers happy they will recommend your brand and products to their loved ones, helping you to widen your network. This alone is a great reason to set aside a large budget and time for retention marketing.

For a successful retention marketing campaign, the tools and systems we mentioned above are necessary but also you must take care to use them in the correct way. Today we are offering you a guide about retention marketing tools. We’d also like to remind you that you don’t have to use every one of them, your choices should always depend on your brand identity, marketing strategy, and your products or service.

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Customer Data Platform, Omnichannel Marketing

The Most Popular Marketing Automation Scenarios

Marketing automation uses software to automate repetitive marketing actions. This includes email messaging, social media responses, web actions and more. Marketing automation saves businesses time and money: on one hand, marketers are able to get more work done by letting the software handle repetitive tasks. On the other, many marketing automation scenarios exist to provide targeted offers and reminders to user segments by responding directly to their activity.

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Omnichannel Marketing

Enjoying the Benefits of Push Notification Marketing

Did you know: the average U.S. consumer receives about 45.9 push notifications a day. That’s a lot, which means it’s incredibly important for businesses and apps to use push notifications carefully and strategically, especially if they rely on push notification marketing.

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Omnichannel Marketing

The Biggest Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing for Retailers

Many are wringing their hands at the future of retail, and the recent closing of American Toys R Us stores didn’t help shape confidence in the industry’s future. But retail isn’t going anywhere without a fight; while ecommerce may have challenged brick and mortar’s place at the top, digital channels may just be what saves it. One need only look at Amazon’s development in the retail space—including brick-and-mortar book stores and the acquisition of Whole Foods—to see that the future is bright for retail. And the secret behind this success? It all boils down to omni channel retail.

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Email Marketing, Holiday Campaigns

Mother’s Day Omnichannel Marketing Made Easy

Mothers… the unsung heroes. The ones who teach us about relationships. We love Mother’s Day, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate our favourite people and also a good opportunity to engage across various social, relationship-based channels. Tap into the emotional importance of the day, and use this to shape your outreach efforts.

When designing a Mother’s Day campaign, consider how your products make people feel, and be careful to avoid too much sales-type language. Beware of the cynical approach (“It’s just a greeting card holiday for making money on gifts.”) actually a day of appreciation goes a long way when you’re a mother! It’s easy to strike an emotional chord and foster a connection with your customers at times like this—check out our favorite Mother’s Day omnichannel marketing tips to find out how.

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