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Lifecycle Marketing

Retention Marketing in 4 Steps

Retention marketing is the definition of all the marketing efforts you engage in to keep your already purchased customers in hand. Retention marketing is an important part of digital marketing since it has a high conversion rate and retention is cheaper and requires less effort than finding new customers.

One other feature of retention marketing that makes it worth your attention is the fact that it doesn’t just keep your old customers but helps you to gain new ones through word of the mouth. If you keep your old customers happy they will recommend your brand and products to their loved ones, helping you to widen your network. This alone is a great reason to set aside a large budget and time for retention marketing.

For a successful retention marketing campaign, the tools and systems we mentioned above are necessary but also you must take care to use them in the correct way. Today we are offering you a guide about retention marketing tools. We’d also like to remind you that you don’t have to use every one of them, your choices should always depend on your brand identity, marketing strategy, and your products or service.

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8 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Father’s Day Campaign

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are one of the biggest events for retailers. With Father’s Day just around the corner, for consumers, this means finding the perfect gift to celebrate the dads in their lives. For marketers, dad’s big day is a chance for implementing a great Father’s Day marketing campaign.

And, we have a few ideas you can implement into your Father’s Day marketing strategy.

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The Most Popular Marketing Automation Scenarios

Marketing automation uses software to automate repetitive marketing actions. This includes email messaging, social media responses, web actions and more. Marketing automation saves businesses time and money: on one hand, marketers are able to get more work done by letting the software handle repetitive tasks. On the other, many marketing automation scenarios exist to provide targeted offers and reminders to user segments by responding directly to their activity.

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