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Email Marketing

5 Tips for Email Segmentation Best Practices

What is email segmentation? Simply put, list segmentation is the practice of dividing your email subscribers according to demographics or their behaviours. This allows you to send different messages to different types of people in your audience. Demographics you might use for list segmentation includes things like age group, gender, geographic location or where and how subscribers signed up. An example of segmentation best practices using this strategy would be for a toy store to target families differently depending on their children’s ages.

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Customer Data Platform, Omnichannel Marketing

Gain Crucial Customer Insights with RMC Persona & Persona-Based Marketing

Get to know your customer like never before with Related Marketing Cloud (RMC) Persona.

Try to remember the last time you really felt a human connection when making a purchase. Maybe it was when your local barista remembered exactly how you like your favourite drink. Or maybe it was when the man at the local deli counter, greeting you by name, suggested an alternative to your typical order after informing him about a new dietary restriction.

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Customer Data Platform

Everything You Need to Know About Customer Data Platform

You’ve probably heard of the relatively new platform sweeping the sales and marketing sector: customer data platforms. But just what are they, and what makes them different from databases you’re already using? Isn’t customer data platform technology just a CRM or DMP with a fancy new name? No! While a customer data platform measures direct customer relationships a bit like a CRM does, there are a few differences.

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