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Related Digital Drives Growth in Yukko Through Personalization Technologies


Yukko, eCommerce platform for next generation technology products in Turkey, achieved an enhanced customer experience in a short time using 15 personalized banner scenarios through collaboration with Related Digital. Visitors from direct traffic, mobile devices, various social networks, and ads had more efficient and targeted digital communications experience through personalization based on the way they access the Yukko web site. Personalization of the customer experience through custom banners helped users get a better website interaction leading to increased turnover. 

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Email Marketing, Omnichannel Marketing

24 Enlightening Email Marketing, Personalization and Segmentation Stats


Statistics play a vital role in every field of human activity. Statistical knowledge helps us learn from data and holds a central position in any field like industry, commerce, technology, etc. Knowledge of statistics is essential for the development of marketing goals and allows businesses to provide data on which to base changes to these goals. There are a countless number of statistics about email marketing, personalization and segmentation as well. And, we collected some dazzling statistics that can help you improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

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Omnichannel Marketing

[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Steps to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy


Most companies have understood the need and importance of digital marketing and incorporated digital marketing techniques into their overall marketing strategies. And yet, many companies don’t have even basic digital marketing strategies in place, and there are many entrepreneurs who are not aware of how to create a digital plan. Here’s how you can empower your website with the 10 steps to a successful digital marketing strategy.

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Email Marketing

Gmail’s New Promotion Tab: Google Annotations


In 2013, the introduction of Gmail’s primary, social, and promotional tabs to simplify inboxes caused a lot of worries among email marketers. Some predicted that it was the end of email marketing as we know it. In fact, this feature improved promotional email deliverability and open rates and helped decreasing spam complaints.

Today, email marketing is still hot in 2019 but email campaigns need to be more inventive than ever.

And Gmail Promotions tab has an important update that you shouldn’t skip: the latest update on the Promotions Tab – Google Annotations.

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Email Marketing

5 Tips to Increase Email Subscribers to Your List

Email Subscribers

You can never have too many email subscribers. A bigger list means not only a greater reach for sharing news, new products, or special deals; it also means a more diverse, varied audience which you can segment to incrementally increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Still, getting more email subscribers is easier said than done. With user skepticism toward the value of email signups and privacy restrictions in place, increasing your email subscribers can seem tough—but it doesn’t need to be. The five tips below will help you get more email subscribers and expand your digital reach.

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