Email Marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to an Awesome Email Marketing Strategy

 A good email marketing strategy has several benefits over other types of digital marketing. For one, an email marketing campaign typically results in significantly higher CTRs than with social media marketing. And social media is a bit of a black box in terms of visibility: the algorithm can switch up at any time in unpredictable ways, making it more difficult to ensure a good ROI or to guarantee your posts are seen. And because those on your list are already invested in your brand, you can get away with being a little “salesy” in your messaging.

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Customer Data Platform, Omnichannel Marketing

How to Create a Buyer Persona – And Why You Should

When strategizing content or delivering campaigns, are you keeping personas in mind?

No, we’re not talking high-minded Jungian psychology here, although psychology does play a part in developing personas for marketing strategy. To put it simply, a persona is a key segment of your audience; it’s one of several ideal consumers you see interacting with your business, and each has different backgrounds and needs. Any business typically has three to five personas they’re targeting. A good marketing persona template include basic demographic info like age, gender, location or education level. But there’s more than just that: your buyer persona worksheet should also include a persona’s goals, personal values and fears.

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Customer Data Platform

Everything You Need to Know About Customer Data Platform

You’ve probably heard of the relatively new platform sweeping the sales and marketing sector: customer data platforms. But just what are they, and what makes them different from databases you’re already using? Isn’t customer data platform technology just a CRM or DMP with a fancy new name? No! While a customer data platform measures direct customer relationships a bit like a CRM does, there are a few differences.

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Omnichannel Marketing

The Biggest Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing for Retailers

Many are wringing their hands at the future of retail, and the recent closing of American Toys R Us stores didn’t help shape confidence in the industry’s future. But retail isn’t going anywhere without a fight; while ecommerce may have challenged brick and mortar’s place at the top, digital channels may just be what saves it. One need only look at Amazon’s development in the retail space—including brick-and-mortar book stores and the acquisition of Whole Foods—to see that the future is bright for retail. And the secret behind this success? It all boils down to omni channel retail.

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Customer Data Platform, Lifecycle Marketing

The Secrets to Website Personalization Best Practices

Consider the last time you went clothes shopping. You might have already had an idea of what you were looking for, or perhaps you had a specific event or occasion in mind for finding an outfit. Chances are you were greeted at some point during the visit by a store employee asking if they could help. While this attentive service has long been a favored feature of brick-and-mortar retail, website personalization allows businesses to do the same in digital environments, tailoring themselves to different customers’ and segments’ needs as soon as they engage with the brand.

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