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How to Create a Buyer Persona – And Why You Should

When strategizing content or delivering campaigns, are you keeping personas in mind?

No, we’re not talking high-minded Jungian psychology here, although psychology does play a part in developing personas for marketing strategy. To put it simply, a persona is a key segment of your audience; it’s one of several ideal consumers you see interacting with your business, and each has different backgrounds and needs. Any business typically has three to five personas they’re targeting. A good marketing persona template include basic demographic info like age, gender, location or education level. But there’s more than just that: your buyer persona worksheet should also include a persona’s goals, personal values and fears.

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The Biggest Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing for Retailers

Many are wringing their hands at the future of retail, and the recent closing of American Toys R Us stores didn’t help shape confidence in the industry’s future. But retail isn’t going anywhere without a fight; while ecommerce may have challenged brick and mortar’s place at the top, digital channels may just be what saves it. One need only look at Amazon’s development in the retail space—including brick-and-mortar book stores and the acquisition of Whole Foods—to see that the future is bright for retail. And the secret behind this success? It all boils down to omni channel retail.

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