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Let Customers Fall in Love with Your Valentine’s Day Email Campaign

Valentines Day Email Campaign

This year, have shoppers fall in love with your brand by designing an irresistible Valentine’s Day email campaign. A good Valentine’s Day marketing campaign fits any ecommerce or retail business, not just those that cater to gift-giving, sweets or other things we associate with the holiday. For example, 19% of shoppers get a Valentine’s gift for their pets, while many others show their appreciation to friends and family beyond just a romantic partner. And if your business is especially niche, don’t take it as a disadvantage—consider how you might reframe Valentine’s Day as letting your customers gift themselves (don’t forget all the singles out there!).

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Omnichannel Marketing

Enhance Digital Marketing with A/B Testing

digital-marketing-ab-test (1)

One of the best strategies to increase your digital marketing prowess is through a/b testing, also known as split testing. A/b testing is a relatively simple process for determining how you can design content—whether on your website, social media, email and more—that your customer base reacts most enthusiastically to.

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Everything to Know About Geofencing

Phone in a cafe with receiving and transmitting data.

Imagine if you could digitally track your customers’ offline behaviors in addition to their online ones. It might sound too good to be true, but modern mobile technology makes it possible. With geofencing, marketers can target and track customers’ visits to or through specific locations: just like it sounds, the technology lets you set a virtual fence around an area to collect data from. Geofencing marketing allows businesses to track areas of many different sizes: specific addresses, postal code, city, state, business category/chain or even media market.

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The Most Popular Marketing Automation Scenarios


Marketing automation uses software to automate repetitive marketing actions. This includes email messaging, social media responses, web actions and more. Marketing automation saves businesses time and money: on one hand, marketers are able to get more work done by letting the software handle repetitive tasks. On the other, many marketing automation scenarios exist to provide targeted offers and reminders to user segments by responding directly to their activity.

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Enjoying the Benefits of Push Notification Marketing


Did you know: the average U.S. consumer receives about 45.9 push notifications a day. That’s a lot, which means it’s incredibly important for businesses and apps to use push notifications carefully and strategically, especially if they rely on push notification marketing.

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