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7 Strategies for Your Easter Multichannel Marketing Campaign

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! This age-old adage is great advice for marketing: because no single channel is king, you need to take a multichannel approach to generate as many leads as possible. If it seems daunting to plan and execute separate strategies depending on channel, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, with tips for all aspects of designing an effective Easter campaign.

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Holiday Campaigns

What You Need to Know About Holiday Deadlines

Because there’s so much to do in preparation for the holidays, it can be difficult for customers to keep track of various deadlines for making a purchase in time for Christmas. This can be good news for retailers, since keeping customers aware of deadlines builds urgency to act and keeps holiday shopping manageable while improving customer satisfaction.

When planning your email marketing for the holidays don’t forget to include timed discounts as well as deadline notices, including shipping and refund policy cut-off dates. Most shoppers will set aside information they find in an email for later use, or refer to an email at a later date; use your digital marketing to keep them from procrastinating until it’s too late by encouraging them to act now before a holiday deadline.

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Holiday Campaigns

How to Optimize Your Online Store for the Holidays

Santa and his elves may be busy putting the finishing touches on toys for girls and boys but is your online store optimized and ready for the holiday rush?

Holiday shopping can be an incredibly stressful activity for some so you want to make sure your customers can find what they need quickly and easily—while inspiring them to purchase unexpected gifts for themselves.

As the holidays approach, we’ve put together tips from reducing bounce to sending cart abandonment emails that will increase your conversion and sales over the holiday season.

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