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Omnichannel Marketing

Enhance Digital Marketing with A/B Testing

One of the best strategies to increase your digital marketing prowess is through a/b testing, also known as split testing. A/b testing is a relatively simple process for determining how you can design content—whether on your website, social media, email and more—that your customer base reacts most enthusiastically to.

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Omnichannel Pazarlama, Yaşam Döngüsü Kampanyaları

Everything to Know About Geofencing

Imagine if you could digitally track your customers’ offline behaviors in addition to their online ones. It might sound too good to be true, but modern mobile technology makes it possible. With geofencing, marketers can target and track customers’ visits to or through specific locations: just like it sounds, the technology lets you set a virtual fence around an area to collect data from. Geofencing marketing allows businesses to track areas of many different sizes: specific addresses, postal code, city, state, business category/chain or even media market.

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Holiday Campaigns

How to Generate Sales with a 12 Days of Christmas Campaign

It’s the holiday season, and to say that it’s time to tailor your e-commerce marketing accordingly is an understatement: last year, 78% of shoppers used the internet to research holiday shopping, and over 129 million UK visitors logged in to retail websites on Boxing Day alone.

One great way to tackle holiday email marketing is to throw a 12 Days of Christmas event. This is a fun way to reach customers and help them all throughout the holiday season, featuring gift ideas and timed sales that build urgency as well as make life easier in preparation of the big day.

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Customer Data Platform, Omnichannel Marketing

The Most Popular Marketing Automation Scenarios

Marketing automation uses software to automate repetitive marketing actions. This includes email messaging, social media responses, web actions and more. Marketing automation saves businesses time and money: on one hand, marketers are able to get more work done by letting the software handle repetitive tasks. On the other, many marketing automation scenarios exist to provide targeted offers and reminders to user segments by responding directly to their activity.

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Lifecycle Marketing

What is Marketing Automation, and How Does it Work?

What is Marketing Automation, and How Does it Work?

What are marketing automation services, and what do they do?.. Simply put, marketing automation services automate several actions across various types of campaigns. It’s increasingly difficult for marketers to keep track of and respond to their growing list of leads. Marketing automation makes it easier for them to respond to leads’ actions automatically—whether it be an email trigger, web trigger, social response or more. This makes marketing automation services ideal for inbound marketing and nurturing leads.

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