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Lifecycle Marketing

Is Your Brand Ready For Black Friday?

The Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the USA is called Black Friday and nearly all of the brands from different industries, but especially the ones in the tech business offer irresistible sales to their customers. Many people wait in excitement for this day to purchase their needs or just to splurge, that’s why the week of Black Friday is seen as a valuable day to take advantage of by digital marketers.

Black Friday falls on 26th October this year and has the potential to increase the sales of many brands from different industries. If you want to increase your conversions and sales and reap the benefits of this day don’t miss the chance to view this guide we have prepared for you before creating your digital marketing strategy.

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Email Marketing

6 Tips to Avoid Ending Up In The Email Spam Folder

Did you know that almost 800 tests are run on each email to determine if they are spam? It’s almost a miracle that most, if not all, email misses the spam folder. Of course, they do say, “Don’t worry too much about specific rules within SpamAssassin. The rules catch spam. If your email isn’t spam, you shouldn’t be matching the rules. Even if you do hit an occasional rule, unless your email actually is spam, it shouldn’t score high enough to be a problem.”

While most businesses do not deliberately send spam, there are some seemingly innocent things that can contribute to a higher than average spam score. And there are some not-so innocent things that can contribute to more messages ending up in your subscriber’s spam folder. Here are some things you can do to lower your spam score and get more messages in your subscriber’s inbox.

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Holiday Campaigns

[INFOGRAPHIC] 9 Valuable Tips for Your New Year’s Digital Marketing Campaigns

Although the whole world has been in a pandemic process since the first quarter of the year, it did not prevent customers from experiencing the new year’s excitement. As we enter the year 2021, which we expect with great hopes, we can say that the e-commerce volume has reached the highest figures. When we are trying to get the best gift for our loved ones and want to benefit from special offers and campaigns at the end of the year, we have compiled 9 essential tips to increase your sales in this period.

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Omnichannel Marketing

Marketing Automation Misconceptions to Avoid

Lead acquisition, campaign execution, email workflows – marketing automation offers marketers a wide range of opportunities to make their everyday work easier. But where there are many opportunities, there is also some confusion. You should avoid these five common mistakes so that your automated marketing processes prove to be efficient. 

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Email Marketing

What is a Welcome Email? 7 Tips For a Welcome Email

What is a welcome email?

When you join a new club, you will be formally welcomed by the existing members and told what is expected of you and what you should expect from them. This is basically what a welcome email is all about. It explains what you will supply your customers and in return, you hope they will buy from your company rather than your competitors.

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