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What is a Welcome Email? 7 Tips For a Welcome Email

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What is a welcome email?

When you join a new club, you will be formally welcomed by the existing members and told what is expected of you and what you should expect from them. This is basically what a welcome email is all about. It explains what you will supply your customers and in return, you hope they will buy from your company rather than your competitors.

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Gmail’s New Promotion Tab: Google Annotations


In 2013, the introduction of Gmail’s primary, social, and promotional tabs to simplify inboxes caused a lot of worries among email marketers. Some predicted that it was the end of email marketing as we know it. In fact, this feature improved promotional email deliverability and open rates and helped decreasing spam complaints.

Today, email marketing is still hot in 2019 but email campaigns need to be more inventive than ever.

And Gmail Promotions tab has an important update that you shouldn’t skip: the latest update on the Promotions Tab – Google Annotations.

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How Good Email Design Boosts Your Campaign’s Effectiveness

How Good Email Design

While content is certainly important for your email marketing, it’s important you not overlook the importance of good design. This is because design is essential to the success of your campaign in a number of ways. First, good design accommodates ensures your email marketing remains legible no matter the type of device they’re using. Responsive design, for example, is an email marketing technique that will adapt your email’s design to different screen sizes.

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5 Tips for Email Segmentation Best Practices

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What is email segmentation? Simply put, list segmentation is the practice of dividing your email subscribers according to demographics or their behaviours. This allows you to send different messages to different types of people in your audience. Demographics you might use for list segmentation includes things like age group, gender, geographic location or where and how subscribers signed up. An example of segmentation best practices using this strategy would be for a toy store to target families differently depending on their children’s ages.

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Let Customers Fall in Love with Your Valentine’s Day Email Campaign

Valentines Day Email Campaign

This year, have shoppers fall in love with your brand by designing an irresistible Valentine’s Day email campaign. A good Valentine’s Day marketing campaign fits any ecommerce or retail business, not just those that cater to gift-giving, sweets or other things we associate with the holiday. For example, 19% of shoppers get a Valentine’s gift for their pets, while many others show their appreciation to friends and family beyond just a romantic partner. And if your business is especially niche, don’t take it as a disadvantage—consider how you might reframe Valentine’s Day as letting your customers gift themselves (don’t forget all the singles out there!).

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