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Category Archives: Lifecycle Marketing

Introduction to Win Back Email

Why win-back emails are worth the work

In marketing, as in life, it can be hard to say goodbye. But whereas a real-world refusal to give up on a dwindling relationship might be seen as a bit tragic, with CLM it makes perfect sense.

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Introduction to Retention Email

Turning buyers into loyal customers – the power of retention

The importance of customer retention is an industry given. Even the newest marketing recruit knows that it costs more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one; five times more, to be precise, according to conversion optimization company Invesp.

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Introduction to Post-Purchase email

Why a mere receipt just won’t cut it post-purchase

In the offline world, when you buy something, you’re given a receipt. And for some companies, the post-purchase confirmation email is still treated in the same way; a simple, visually unappealing list of what the customer has bought and how much they have paid.

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Simple techniques to turn browsers into buyers

Convert, keep, grow – How customer lifecycle marketing can help you build relationships that last

However gorgeous a website is, and however tantalizing its products are, the vast majority of visitors won’t even get as far as putting something in their cart

There are few firm statistics about the proportion of unconverted browsers, but Fresh Relevance’s 2014 data put it at a staggering 88%. That’s a lot of missed opportunities, if you let them get away scot free.
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Introduction to Cart Abandonment Email

Stop close-to-buying customers from slipping through the net

It’s the online marketer’s nightmare. A potential customer has made it to your website though a sea of competitors. They’ve had a good look round, and homed in on a few products; they’ve even added them to their cart. High fives all round, it’s a sale…

oh hang on a minute, where did they go?
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The power of the welcome – and how to get it right

Convert, keep, grow – How customer lifecycle marketing can help you build relationships that last

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs about making , Lifecycle Marketing(LCM) work for you. And in a neat twist, I’m kicking things off by looking at the welcome email; a deceptively simple piece of communication that’s one of the most powerful tools in your e-basket.

Let’s face it, we all like to be made to feel welcome, especially when we’re somewhere new.
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