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The Essential Small Business Guide to Omnichannel Black Friday Marketing

Black Friday is a distinctly American tradition, but the shopping frenzy has been gaining in popularity in the UK over the past few years, with many businesses offering Black Friday social media campaigns and door-busting deals. Unlike its American counterpart, Black Friday in the UK typically isn’t tied to a single day; retailers often offer a period of several days to jump-start the buying season. Because this period is incredibly competitive, it’s important for retailers to get their Black Friday campaign ideas ready as early as possible.

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7 Strategies for Your Easter Multichannel Marketing Campaign

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! This age-old adage is great advice for marketing: because no single channel is king, you need to take a multichannel approach to generate as many leads as possible. If it seems daunting to plan and execute separate strategies depending on channel, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, with tips for all aspects of designing an effective Easter campaign.

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Mother’s Day Omnichannel Marketing Made Easy

Mothers… the unsung heroes. The ones who teach us about relationships. We love Mother’s Day, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate our favourite people and also a good opportunity to engage across various social, relationship-based channels. Tap into the emotional importance of the day, and use this to shape your outreach efforts.

When designing a Mother’s Day campaign, consider how your products make people feel, and be careful to avoid too much sales-type language. Beware of the cynical approach (“It’s just a greeting card holiday for making money on gifts.”) actually a day of appreciation goes a long way when you’re a mother! It’s easy to strike an emotional chord and foster a connection with your customers at times like this—check out our favorite Mother’s Day omnichannel marketing tips to find out how.

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Generate New Leads with a Valentine’s Day Email Campaign

Generate New Leads with a Valentine’s Day Email Campaign

Love is in the air, and the clock is ticking for you to meet your soulmates: by that we mean leads that you can generate through a specially devised marketing campaign! There’s only a week left to get your promotions in shape, so check out how you can grow your list and generate new leads just in time for the season of love.

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